Las Vegas Anytime

Las Vegas Baby

Las Vegas is still one of the great destinations no matter how many times you escape to Sin City.

That’s because there is so much to do whether you stay on the famous Las Vegas Strip, or you stay in Downtown Las Vegas, Henderson on the southeast side of town, or in the mountainous northwest.

There are so many obvious and hidden benefits to Las Vegas. Here are a few.

  • Las Vegas shows are plentiful. Some of the biggest entertainers are bringing their shows to Las Vegas. Check with a tour operator or your hotel concierge when you are booking your stay.
  • Hotels offer a wide range of options for your pocketbook. You can hit some of the high-end hotel/casinos and some moderately priced. Don’t like staying in a casino? No worries, there are hotels that have no gambling.
  • But if you are a gambler, you can gamble at the tables or on the machines in the many casinos throughout the Las Vegas valley 24/7.
  • You love sports? Then indulge yourself at one of the many sportsbooks and watch as many games as you like. You can bet on the games as well. A couple of great times for sports fans to descend on Sin City: Super Bowl weekend; and NCAA basketball March Madness.
  • Nightclubbing is a major attraction. If you love the nightlife, most of the big casinos offer clubs on the property.
  • Lounging at the pool. Let’s say you just want to veg-out. There are luxury pools at every major resort on and off the strip.
  • Golf can be found in every corner of the Strip – even on the Strip. Plus, your golf ball goes even further because of the higher altitude.
  • Foodie Heaven. Las Vegas is one of the greatest food towns in the world. Sure, they have buffets. But some of them are quite gourmet. Some of the greatest celebrity chefs have locations here including Gordon Ramsay and Giada. Plus, there are less known chefs who are world class and have set up shop off the strip.

Remember this: if you are bored in Vegas that is your fault.

But also if you are looking to plant some roots in a new spot, Las Vegas is a place to consider. Here’s why:

  • The weather is spectacular year-round. Yes the summers can hit 100 degrees. But it is a dry heat. If you have any arthritis, the dry heat diminishes it.
  • The economy is booming. High tech companies and major distribution companies have moved to Las Vegas because of lower taxes and easy flight connections.
  • Easy travel to west coast destinations. You are only an hour flight to LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, skiing in Utah and Colorado.

Viva Las Vegas, baby!