Hong Kong Heck

Hong Kong Heck Yes

Hong Kong is a smorgasbord of the world with an energy jolt for anyone who visits.

Hong Kong is unique because it reminds you of so many other cities:

  • It has a New York City energy with skyscrapers and fast-paced economy.
  • London is evident here thanks to the British control of Hong Kong for centuries.
  • Sydney is apparent in Hong Kong with its weather and ocean views.
  • San Francisco’s hills and winding roads are here.
  • Nashville and Austin has its honky tonk music venues and all-night jam sessions.

As a result, there are many languages spoken there, but also plenty of people to understand you. Plus, Hong Kong is a city that is easy to maneuver despite being so big and full of energy. Here’s what’s also cool about Hong Kong:

  • Like all these great cities, Hong Kong has great food. You can indulge in many cuisines with some of the best celebrity chefs.
  • Hong Kong hotels are some of the most elegant in the world.
  • Hong Kong has a vast network of public transportation: subways; buses; and ferries.
  • Since Hong Kong is made up of many islands, you can take a ferry to some of the other nearby locales.
  • The airport is a high-tech marvel that is fun and easy.
  • The train from the airport is very easy – no matter how much luggage you have.
  • Get that custom-made suit you want. Hong Kong has numerous tailors who can fit you for a great suit in just a few days. And it is not just for men either.
  • Hong Kong is embarking on a ton of new construction: roads, trains, all connecting to the Chinese mainland.

Some things to think about before you head to Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong is expensive. Check the dollar exchange before you head out.
  • Mainland China is trying to exert more control on locals. But so far, Chinese leaders have not caused any problems for travelers. You may want to keep an eye on news stories.
  • Still, we don’t know the future of this great city. So it might be worth your time to head out soon.