Hawaii Why Not

Hawaii – Why Not Just Go!

There’s a reason Hawaii is on so many bucket lists.

If it is not, that means you have been there.

But going back to Hawaii should be a must too.

And it is not just because Hawaii’s beaches, palm trees, great views, sipping mai tais, hula dancers, and the tranquility of that Bali Hai feeling.

Those are great but there is more that most visitors don’t realize until they are immersed in Hawaii. Even when you leave Hawaii, it doesn’t leave you.

Consider these:

  • Each island offers a totally different experience. Oahu with its Waikiki beaches has that fast-paced city feel, but travel a few miles to the Northern Shore and you get a more laid-back, local’s experience. Maui has beaches, mountains, and golf courses. Kauai is the Garden Island that has a slower pace.
  • The whole family can enjoy Hawaii. Sure, the islands are great for lovers. It is a hot spot for weddings and honeymoons. But once you have kids, Hawaii offers activities for Mom and Dad to enjoy with the kids that are also learning experiences.
  • Hawaiian history is fascinating. You will learn about the kings and natives from centuries before becoming the 50th US state. Make sure to attend a luau with the dancers and singers offering you a translation of Hawaii’s past. In addition to its Polynesian roots, Hawaii celebrates the many nationalities from around the world who have settled in Hawaii. Plus for US history buffs, a trip to Pearl Harbor, where World War II started, is a must.
  • Hawaii’s exotic feel is great for Americans. You feel like you are in a foreign land but without losing your smart phone connection, your language, and changing currencies.
  • Hawaii is a great stop-over for Asian travelers before you explore the mainland.
  • Food Paradise is what you will call Hawaii. The Farm-To-Table movement actually started in Hawaii decades before folks on the mainland heard of it. As a result, Hawaii’s islands have some of the best chefs who are geniuses at using the local produce and meats.
  • Golf Nut Paradise. No matter what island you hit, you can find a top-notch golf course.
  • Hawaiian culture is so embracing. You will hear the term A hui ho. That means until we meet again. They never say good bye. And that feeling of long-lasting friendship and love carries over into the tourism industry. So when you work with a hotel concierge or tour operator, you will most likely feel that verbal hug while helping you enjoy this paradise.

What are you waiting for?