Embrace that Celebrity Chef on Vacation

Embrace That Celebrity Chef On Vacation

Don’t shun celebrity chefs – especially when you are visiting a vacation hotspot.

In fact, run to these places.

Many of us might think these chefs are just TV-made products.

They’re not.

Most of them have hit the pinnacle of their craft in the kitchen and then made it on TV.

In truth, these experts are good business people who offer an experience you won’t forget.

Chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Giada come to mind.

Here’s what to expect at these establishments.

The food is usually top-notch. These celebrity chefs don’t want their name hurt by lower than expected quality. Gordon Ramsay is profiled as a screamer in the kitchen, but the reality is he wants to make sure you get your food as the right temperature.

The service is second to none. The wait-staff and bartenders are trained according to the celebrity chef’s norms. As a result, you have knowledgeable workers who can answer your questions while accommodating your special needs. At Giada’s in Las Vegas, the bar staff wants to know your flavor profile then whips up a unique drink for you.

So, go ahead and eat like a celebrity.